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Coding, image/video analysis, human visual system models, natural scenes

Laboratory of Computational and Subjective Image Quality
Room 408, Engineering Building 2
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (電気電子工学科)
Shizuoka University (静岡大学)
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 〒432-8561

Research in the Computational and Subjective Image Quality lab broadly concerns coding and analysis of visual information. We study topics in image/video processing and quality assessment, including modeling, analysis, and compression, as well as topics in visual coding and perception, including natural scene statistics and visual psychophysics.

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This course is designed to provide mathematical and programming skills necessary to solve modern engineering problems for which analytical solutions either do not exist or are impractical.

This course is designed to improve English-language skills for effective communication in an electrical engineering context.

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